Santa Ana Community Workforce Agreement

Earlier this month, the Santa Ana City Council voted unanimously to approve the municipality`s first “project employment contract” for most of the city`s funded construction projects. Councillor Jose Solorio called the vote “historic” what it is, but only in the sense that it is a historically bad step that will hurt the people of Santa Ana by ensuring they receive fewer public services. Nevertheless, the information reports quote Solorio, who argues that the City does not expect new costs that go beyond hiring a full-time person to manage the agreement, since the City already pays “dominant salaries.” I strive to hire a new person to manage an unnecessary contract rather than serving residents, but this is a secondary point. After expressing support for the deal, medrano asked dozens of trade members to show up in council chambers. The agreement obliges contractors to hire workers for urban projects through a union recommendation system known as a union organizing hall. Contractors have the option of refusing candidates and can find staff elsewhere if the unions do not meet the contractor`s standards. The City employees` report estimates that “this agreement will add an additional 10-20 percent for public works in the construction phase.” The report says this can amount to between $2.7 million and $5.4 million per year. This is real money that could be used for real projects in a city that often has serious budget problems. The people of Santa Ana should be furious at such “generosity.” .