Referral Agreement Canada

“It was a relevant question,” Ayres said. “If we have to give away some of our margins to pay a referral partner, what do we do internally to save money to continue to facilitate that relationship?” While the CSO has finally accepted the company`s recommendation model, ongoing monitoring of the model continues. “We need to make sure we communicate effectively” to avoid confusion about the responsibilities of the company`s portfolio managers and those of the recommendations – otherwise regulators will be able to intervene, Ayres said. Such oversight isn`t just for his company, it`s an industry-wide regulatory reality, he said. Under the Accompanying Directive, due diligence includes at least an assessment of the types of clients for whom the services provided would be appropriate and an assessment of the qualifications of the recommendation, including regulatory or professional disciplinary measures, civil actions and customer complaints. Another question was whether referrals presented themselves as registrants – a central regulatory concern. Regulators wanted to know what kind of discussions had taken place between customers and non-filers Croft worked with, Ayres said. 3. Indemnification. The company will pay the ___ affiliate for any successful recommendation, with a successful recommendation being defined as a recommendation that becomes a customer/client of the company.

The entity will pay the affiliate ______ for any unsuccessful recommendation if an unsuccessful recommendation is defined as a valid recommendation candidate who will not become a client/client of the company through no fault of the affiliate or entity; and a valid recommendation candidate is a client/potential client who meets the specifications set out in Section 1 above. The Company pays the Affiliate within 30 (30) days of the date of a concluded recommendation, a concluded recommendation being the commitment of the new client/client or a final measure so that the recommendation does not become a new client/client. 6. Resignation. This Agreement may be terminated at any time by any party with written notice to the other party. Upon termination, the Company shall pay the Affiliate all compensation due and due for recommendations made prior to the date of termination but which have not yet been paid. Instead, regulators have included referral agreements in a list of longer-term projects that are still under consideration. Therefore, companies should not be complacent when it comes to recommendations. The CSA added guidelines to the accompanying directive to reflect its view that paid referral agreements “create essential conflicts of interest that must be addressed in the best interests of clients.” Companies must demonstrate how they do this and why they have found that a given recommendation is in the best interest of the customer. Ayres` investment management company collaborates with independent consultants and planners through recommendations. After the CSA initially proposed the client-focused reforms, the CSO conducted an audit of his firm, he said.

Lawyers and lawyers must record the transfer fees paid and received in their books and records and report on brokerage fee practices in their annual reports to the Law Society. One of the questions posed by the regulatory authority was whether the company`s portfolio managers fulfilled their obligations as registrants, including how the company remains competitive as a company based on the recommendation.. . . .