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Faced with all these complications, the client may want to “ferrir” the texas ***Community Property Regime***, a result that can be achieved as part of a well-developed pre-marital agreement. Yes, Anita, but it`s not a contract or an agreement. It is a marriage certificate. I guess it is in the marginal notes of the certificate. To what extent are pre- and post-marital agreements binding? The article shows that marital contracts have existed in Argentina for many years – but they are private. Another thing. This is a new thing. I just don`t understand why anyone would doubt that this is a marriage contract (marital convención) in Argentina. This link emphasizes that marriage is concluded, is not open, is not “verstile” and, he adds, not like marriage agreements in other countries. JMarios right (except for a few words missing – “declare that they have…” »). The second sentence is not a divorce agreement. In many countries (where, for example, I fly), a “separación de bienes” is not a divorce, but an agreement to renounce all future economic benefits and obligations and share common goods. I don`t know if a “separation without a break of body” is similar enough in the United States to use that expression.

I think a translator`s note is not necessary if you put a “marriage contract”. It is general enough to cover pre-nup, post-nup, divorce, happy-always-after, etc. It can be assumed that the detailed terms of the agreement will clearly specify their application. Another comment: I think the reason someone might not want to call it a pre-marriage contract is that they feel like they only checked a box of the available options instead of signing a pre-nup. In addition, the questioner really asked two questions. The first is to enter a “matrimonial convencion” (which looks like a pre-nup, va et quact), but the second is to tick a box (optaron por regimen de separacion de bienes). Buenas noches a todos. CONCEPTS in English: It is certainly a marriage contract in which the future spouses declare that they have opted for a separate matrimonial. Where do you see the system in the title of these kinds of agreements, don`t you? Cornelia, “Marital Property Agreement” is not idiomatic in English. There is no need for marital or conjugal speech, really. the parties who marry and agree on the agreement What is the Argentine “marital convención”? It is a signed document that says which economic marriage regime governs marriage, A or B. One or the other.

Not anymore. However, as far as the question here is concerned: it is: a marriage contract and a separate state of ownership. The bride and groom indicate that they have signed a marriage contract. The marriage is concluded BEFORE the marriage, so it is a marriage contract, regardless of the legal content. In Argentina, the only regime you could actually choose before marriage is separate property, as common property is defined as the “norm” (this is also under the link “pensamientocivil”). All the more reason not to translate “matrimonial convención” as a “pre-marital agreement”. La frase está en un certificado de matrimonio de Argentina, se puede traducir simplemente como “Marital settlement agreement”? But in your sentence, it is not marital property. The agreement is actually for a separate property.