Academic Collaboration Agreement

The Brunswick Studentship Agreement is intended to be used between a university and a company to support a postgraduate research student. Before proceeding to the end of this data protection guide, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with data protection legislation. If you are not familiar, it is difficult to understand the security measures that must be taken and the exceptions that apply to the use of personal data for research and teaching purposes. Contact the OIE to get the right standard agreement that you can offer to the sponsor. The use of the standard university cooperation agreement is the key to the rapid launch of collaborative research. If the sponsor insists that their agreement be used, you will receive a copy, preferably as a Microsoft Word document. Sponsorship agreements require review and, in most cases, negotiations. You may find it useful to use them as a starting point for negotiations in order to agree on the fundamental principles. A lot of time, frustration and cost can be saved if the principles are agreed before someone tries to design a complete agreement.

Harvard OTD organizes thousands of material transfers each year to facilitate scientific progress and innovation. The following model agreements contain terms representative of Material Transfer Agreements (SAAs), but serve only to illustrate and are subject to change. The person signing the contract is responsible for both academic and practical mobility (admission, accommodation, reception and general assistance). The student secretariat is responsible for many practical parts; Confirm with the Office of Student Affairs that it is possible to receive students with a new agreement or increase the number of students on an existing agreement. Contact Bilateral cooperation agreements between a single faculty/department/subject (with the exception of the Erasmus+ interinstitutional agreement) at the University of Linnaeus and the equivalent of a partner university. Agreements are processed by the faculty with the help of administrators from the Office of External Relations (ER). Agreements must be reviewed by emergency administrators before they are treated as a decision of a dean and signed by the dean. This section presents some general issues and principles common to most model agreements. It is possible to conclude an agreement for the entire 2014/2015-2020/2021 programming period.

It is recommended to write contracts for two, five or seven years. The shorter period will be devoted to agreements with new partners and the longer period for agreements with existing/assured quality partners. It is always possible to rewrite, extend and/or add mobilities. The risk-sharing and liability agreements that controllers and processors include in the agreement between them only apply between them and have no influence on their liability to data subjects in accordance with the GDPR. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a term for a simple declaration of intent, a framework for any future cooperation. .