Support Agreement

The proposal also contains a comprehensive set of boilerplate clauses covering topics such as force majeure, termination, subcontracting, communications, waivers, variations, full agreement, law and jurisdiction. Easysoft is not liable to the licensee for losses resulting from statements or commitments issued prior to the execution date of this agreement, except for declarations or undertaking agreements that have been confirmed in writing or expressly under the conditions of assistance by a duly accredited Easysoft representative. This agreement is binding and must be concluded in favour of Easysoft`s rights holders or the licensee. “services,” the provision of software support by Easysoft, in accordance with Clause 4 under support; “Conditions of assistance” are these conditions of maintenance and assistance. At least you want a confidentiality agreement. If you control proprietary source code, you may also want a restrictive source code license. When dealing with personal data, you need a data processing agreement to comply with data protection legislation. “response time,” the time in which Easysoft must make reasonable efforts to respond to a request for assistance from the licensee in accordance with point 4.3; Support Services – What standards should support services meet? Do they have to be provided in accordance with ALS? If so, what are the service levels? Does the service provider have the right to suspend services in the event of a late payment? Support services that can be covered in the document include helping to use software and identifying errors in the software. The model assumes that support should be provided for a specific software system and not for software in general. Some form of assistance is also expected to be available. “support contract,” the agreement between Easysoft and the licensee to provide support to the terms of support; Can I find out what format of the legal agreement required by a web developer to enter into the contract with the client? “assistance fee,” the periodic fee for the service in question indicated in the order, which is increased from time to time in accordance with point 3.3 above; In the event of payment of the assistance fee provided for at Easysoft Point 3, Easysoft makes the Services available to the Licensee in accordance with these Conditions of Assistance for the period for which this payment is made.

Fees and payments – What should be paid when and how? Will there be a time charge? Can the service provider increase advertising prices and, if so, what restrictions? . The assistance contract continues until it is terminated in accordance with the provisions of Clause 8. What kind of access do you offer? Z.B. Can you access a control panel, server, compiled code and/or source code? What can the potential provider of this access do? “license,” the conditions under which the Easysoft licensee is authorized to use the software; “additional fees,” additional amounts that can be calculated from time to time based on Easysoft`s rates, in accordance with Easysoft`s rates; “software,” the software specified in the order; Hello Alasdair, they will access our server which has all the codes and databases out there.