India Israel Water Agreement

India and Israel signed a cultural agreement on Thursday that outlines a three-year cooperation programme to further strengthen bilateral strategic relations by promoting closer exchanges between citizens. The aspect of “functionality” is monitored with respect to the regularity of the water supply of each household on a daily basis, the appropriate quantity and quality system required for sensor monitoring and the use of IoT in the country. “Both sides are convinced that this cooperation will contribute to the development of their relations and to raising awareness, especially of young people, of the history and culture of the citizens of both countries, and agree to promote cooperation to improve and strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries,” the agreement says. Treatment facilities must remove pollutants at a level set by the Ministry of Health and then deliver water to farmers. In 2012, Israel declared its intention to strengthen technological and economic cooperation with the Indian state of Bihar in the fields of agriculture, water management, solar energy and health insurance. [152] In 2014, Israel planned to open two agricultural centres of excellence in Bihar, focusing on increasing the productivity of vegetable and mango plants. [153] In 2003, the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) expressed interest in cooperating with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in using satellites to improve land management and other resources. Israel has also expressed interest in the mission proposed by ISRO to send an unmanned spacecraft to the Moon. [146] In addition, the two countries have signed an agreement that describes the deployment of TAUVEX, an Israeli space telescope, on India`s GSAT-4, a planned navigation and communications satellite.

[146] [157] [158] In 2010, the TAUVEX table was removed from the GSAT-4 ISRO and the table was never launched later. [159] The GSAT-4 itself was unable to start due to the failure of its cryogenic engine. [159] [160] The agreement encourages the participation of films and filmmakers in international film festivals in the other country. During Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s visit to Israel in 2017, Israel and India signed two important water agreements to strengthen cooperation on water conservation and reform of India`s public water supply. In 2019, Jal Shakti GOI Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat made a historic visit to Israel as part of the WATEC conference to promote water cooperation between the two countries. India and Israel have also signed an agreement that aims to make their bilateral relations a “strategic partnership.” [93] During the trip, Prime Minister Modi also spoke about the Indian diaspora in Israel at a lively event in Tel Aviv.