Continental Automotive General Quality Agreement

The terms of all agreements are not replaced by the terms of the Terms of Purchase, unless the terms of the agreement or the separate document to which those agreements refer expressly establish a derogation from the Terms of Purchase. (iii) to inform the purchaser of any risk of a lack of quality or other defects in the goods (services) that the purchaser (customer) should be aware of, particularly where such a defect could endanger the safety of property or persons; and, 7.2. Orders and agreements are binding only if they are issued or confirmed in writing by the buyer. Delivery dates can also be agreed by telecommunications. These terms and conditions apply to all orders, including those that do not contain a delivery agreement. 10.8. The quality and scope of packaged goods are checked in normal mode. 2.2. With the goods, the supplier provides the buyer with all the accessories and related documents (customs documents, technical passport, quality certificate, certificate of compliance, instructions for use, etc.). 7 While this does not alter or diminish other treaty requirements, it is intended to provide a brief understanding of our expectations for quality and the environment. By signing this GQA, the supplier recognizes that this GQA applies to all components and services it provides to any Continental site worldwide. Validity On the date of its entry into force, this GQA embodies all the terms of the contract between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces and cancels all previous agreements and agreements.

There are no verbal statements that have not been embodied here. 10.15. If the supplier does not comply with its obligations under item 10.12 – para. 10.14 of this agreement, the supplier is deemed to be agreed with the claim and the customer is entitled to return the denied goods to the supplier and only to pay for the goods actually accepted in quantity, quality and scope. 4.13. Contracting parties inform each other of feasible opportunities to improve quality. 24.6. Respect all provisions of the Continental Suppliers Code of Conduct, which is available on the internet at CONSIDERING that the purpose of these terms and conditions of purchase, as they may be modified and/or completed from time to time, is to define the conditions under which the buyer (contractor) purchases goods and/or services from the supplier (contractor) in the context of supply and/or service contracts, and that the supplier (contractor) is required to deliver supplies and/or services, deliver those supplies to the buyer (customer) and comply with the delivery agreement.