Business Protection Agreement Template

THIS BUSINESS PROTECTION AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is entered into on February 27, 2008 by and between BENEFITS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (the “Company”) and ASSOCIATED THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATORS, a California-based company (“ATPA”). . . . THIS ACCORD OF THE AFFAIRES PROTECTION (the “Agreement”) is herely by and between Belden Inc., a Delaware company for itself, its subsidiaries and other related companies (collectively referred to as the “entity”) and [“Executive”). This confidentiality and commercial protection agreement (“agreement”) is entered into by and between Jason M. Hollar (“Executive”) and Cardinal Health, Inc., an Ohio “company,” effective April 27, 2020. This June 18, 2007 Business Protection Agreement (“Agreement”) was concluded by and between Mid-America Bancshares, Inc. (“Companies”), on the one hand, and Gary L.

Scott (“Executive”), on the other. We, Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (“Lionbridge” or “we”) and you, the names of the employees (“you”) have agreed to enter into the following agreement on employment and protection of businesses (“Agreement”). Given your employment as a contributor at LIONBRIDGE, the promotion opportunities that such a job can offer you, the compensation you have paid LionBRIDGE and other good and valuable rewards, we agree and agree: CE BUSINESS PROTECTION AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) will be on this day of , 20 , from and between KP SPORTS, INC. dba UNDER ARMOUR PERFORMANCE ENTRE: Salamander Resort – Spa, LLC, including its parents, siblings, subsidiaries and related companies, and their shareholders, members, directors, directors, directors, employees, agents, lawyers, successors and beneficiaries of divestment (together the “company”).