Virgin Mobile Service Agreement

(k) “modem,” the device you buy from us and/or use to access Internet services; (nn) “service,” the digital electronic communications service, Internet services and other electronic communications services that we and other third parties offer you via the network, and which may include accessories, phones, individual invoices, go according to the method of payment; Content and recharging 3.12 Recovery. If you do not pay your account on time, you violate this agreement and we can block your account until all remaining amounts are paid in full. If you do not reseed this violation and pay all arrears within 20 business days, as soon as we inform you that you are in violation, we will immediately revoke this contract. If you have accepted the debit payment, we can also debit your bank account or credit card with the amount due and we hand over your account to our collection companies. This affects your credit rating and you are responsible for all fees, follow-up fees and legal fees on the lawyers and client scale. 1.2 Commitments. This agreement remains in effect and we make our service available to you if you are a customer and you: (g) pay your bills on time and unless one of us terminates this contract as it provides. (uu) “recharging” means buying and charging a recharging voucher to access our services or charge us; 1.6 Information. You agree to provide us with information about you as we request and you allow us to use this information to open your account, verify you, debit your bank account or credit card, comply with legal provisions or offer you a better service. If you are a business customer, you must give us business information. They ensure that all the information available to us is and will remain accurate. 3.1 Credit limits. We may deny them certain premium pricing services, international calls, InternationalRoaming or other services; or impose credit limits on these services at any time if you do not qualify.

2.1 Availability. We will try to provide our service at all times, but quality and availability could be influenced by factors beyond our control, such as weather. B, weak signals, service usage by other customers, network, network coverage, bandwidth capacity, technology speeds and errors on other networks.