Site Handover Agreement

The process of transferring and handing over the site is limited to ensuring that decontamination certificates have been issued to the provider and that online services are identified accordingly. This review session is also an opportunity for the Imperial Maintenance Team and contractor to discuss and agree on protocols for service insulation and how they will work together; Ensure that all service issues are dealt with appropriately; to avoid unforeseen service interruptions. Projects can move away from you, and when the site is handed over, you won`t be able to pass a good well-documented website to a client or contractor. The transfer of places brings a new complexity to a project, because the status quo and normal operation, which has been going smoothly (hopefully) for weeks, months or even years, stop – and a new normal replaces them. You can save, access and share all photos or documents from the website recorded during any part of the project presentation. Thus, we know that the site transfer letter to customers and the letters of delivery of the site to contractors are important communications during each site transfer. A really useful document is a checklist for handing over the website or project. Please check and if you agree with the content, sign, date and send the signed letter to [insert the name of the person responsible] at the address above. The delivery of the site to the contracting entity is carried out as soon as the contract manager has confirmed that the work defined in the contract has been completed. However, it should be planned well in advance and all specific requirements are included in futures documents and contracts.

NB The riba 2020 work plan has designated Level 6 as “return and closure” as “transfer.” The work plan suggests that “other tasks must be performed in addition to the essential contractual obligations in terms of correcting defects, certifying practical completion and concluding the construction contract. A project performance meeting must be facilitated so that the project team can share their experience in favour of future projects… Post-operative first aid must be initiated and completed. On most sites, site transfer is only a small part of the total project length.