Shared Parental Leave Agreement

Your employer can start your maternity leave allowance for four weeks prior to the expected week of birth if you are sick due to pregnancy. This means that your maternity and maternity leave starts earlier and ends earlier than they otherwise would have been. Your partner may continue to receive his SPL/ShPP as planned or change the dates of the trip. In accordance with CASA guidelines, if no response is given to a discontinuous request, is considered rejected, and you can follow one of the four options above. If an application for discontinuous leave is rejected, you can accept the leave application as a single continuous block. You have until the 19th day of the calendar from the date on which the original notification was given, the choice of the start date of the leave period. Leave may not begin for more than eight weeks from the date the initial notification was filed. If you do not select a start date, the leave begins on the first requested holiday date in the original notification. Take the leave in one continuous block, starting with the start date indicated in your message (if you. B have requested three separate periods of four weeks each, you are entitled to a 12-week vacation period); Or example: Melissa has reduced her maternity/SMP leave by 8 weeks, allowing her partner to take 8 weeks of SPL/ShPP when she returns to work. Melissa intended to work until birth, then take 31 weeks of maternity and SMP leave (39 – 8 – 31 weeks).

She was ill with a pregnancy-related illness 4 weeks before her due date. Her employer triggered her maternity leave and her pay the next day. This meant that you started 31 weeks of maternity leave and salary 4 weeks earlier and ended 4 weeks earlier. If your partner wishes to take his 8 weeks of SPL/ShPP when he returns to his workplace, he must inform his employer at least 8 weeks in advance to launch his SPL/ShPP 4 weeks earlier than expected. If uninterrupted leave has been requested (i.e. leave is taken and the officer returns to the workplace and no longer takes leave), it must be granted. This is in line with shared parental leave legislation. For leave application or claim instructions, you can use one of the following points of use: If the notification of the end of maternity leave is accompanied by a notification of acceptance of the SPL, its notification of the end of maternity leave is mandatory. There will be no possibility of resuming maternity leave. Outside of protected time, men and women are protected from gender discrimination when they receive less favourable treatment in the workplace. If a woman is treated less well by the use of parental leave, she should compare her salary to that of a man (and vice versa for a man) to prove discrimination on the basis of sex. Your supervisor and HR business partner is considering a discontinuous leave notification, but has the right to refuse it.

If the leave model is refused, you can either withdraw it within 15 days of the handover or take a leave of absence in one continuous block. Employers should bear in mind that a parent may have left their job or that the parents have separated without affecting their right to joint parental leave. It`s a good idea to talk to your employer early about your plans to take SPL so you can both think about what will work and how your vacation will be housed, see How to give notice on common parental leave/salary below.