Photo Studio Rental Agreement Template

If you are under the age of 18 (18), the parent or legal guardian who enforces the agreement on your behalf agrees that you, as well as the parent or guardian, are subject to all the conditions stipulated in this Agreement. No minors are allowed in the photo studio. In the event of a violation of this Directive, you will not only be subject to the possibility of being excluded from future use of the studio, but you will also be informed that you will be fully responsible for any dispute related to the photography of a minor. Werk Studios is not responsible for violations of this directive. The tenant accepts that the studio assumes no responsibility for damages or injuries caused by the use of rental property to the tenant or a third party. The tenant takes care of all the risks of personal or bodily harm. If there has been an accident with the studio rental items while in the tenant`s possession, return to the studio with a written statement on the details of the event, including the police report and the names and addresses of witnesses, if any. (b) release and remove forever the parties released from liability for bodily harm, death, property damage or losses incurred by the tenancy for any reason, including, but not limited to, negligence (negligence and attentive person used in similar circumstances), violation of any legal obligation, infringement, fault, act, inaction or misjudgment committed by studio owners and/or staff; 11. Werk Studios employees have the right to check the equipment and/or studio at any time during the term of the rental. You must take all necessary precautions to allow a Factory Studios employee access to the devices and/or studios. In the event of a violation of any of the terms of the lease, Werk Studios has the right to remove access to the devices and/or studios without any responsibility to you and without prejudice to the factory studios. STUDIO – EQUIPMENT SUPPLIED:The studio is committed to making the studio available in an impeccable function, but offers no special guarantees as to the functionality or suitability of these studios for the purposes of the retiree.

The tenant has the right to use the entire studio, front and backyard, lighting, accessories and all the furniture in the studio at the time of the rental. The studio is not responsible for aerna aau-er actions that affect filming, such as power outages, weather, emergencies or God`s actions. The tenant undertakes to return all appliances, studios and furniture in the state in which it was provided and to immediately inform the studio of damage, breakdowns or modifications of the equipment provided. Rental furniture can be taken outdoors, one at a time. If it is bad weather in the forecast (rain, snow, etc.)) then the furniture cannot be taken outside. Please do not move rooms larger than a single chair without two people being present to move it without pulling the legs. The studio can only be used for legal business activities. There is absolutely no tuxedo or alcohol in the building. It is permissible to smoke outside the building. The tenant is responsible for cleaning smoke-related waste (ashes, cigarettes, etc.) before departure. The use of plant studio facilities and facilities is done at its own risk.

Tenants waive the right to seek redress in the event of an accident, accident and/or loss. The tenants agree to leave the studio and the non-adjacent in the same condition as they were when Renter arrived. Tenants are solely responsible for all legal offences tenants or members of the tenant party during the execution of the planned booking, whether in our studio or elsewhere. These include parking tickets, personal abuse claims or any other offence or citation, as well as legal actions arising from the execution of the studio reservation, which is taken at any time. Tenants are solely responsible for the safety and well-being of models, production assistants or other employees who accompany tenants or are hired by retirees.