M.m. Agreement Uno Srl

The OAI aims to create a pool of qualified service providers to conclude long-term agreements for the completion of AUDITs of DIM projects. The duration of the LTA is from March 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023. Ordering the secondary tender as part of the long-term agreement ref. GP500147 with computer consolidators for the supply of tablets for planned use in Benin. . . . Mini Depot Equipment in Kota Bandung and Kota Malang Programacion of the plataforma Web para el fomento de inversiones en biodiversidad. To develop a national energy system model to support climate change decision-making using an Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) for Malaysia Developing a National Energy System Model using an Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) for Malaysia Reconstruction of Bubq`s “Sherif Dervishi” School Management Unit, 9 years, Kruja Municipality, Albania RFQ/UNDP/SPOI/108748/051/2020 – Supply of Agri-Input kits and Safety Kits Las cotizaciones presentadas por correo electrénico estarén limitadas a méximo of 10MB, en ficheros libre de virus y en un n`mero de envéos no superior a 2. Los ficheros estarén free of cualquier tipo de virus o archivo da`ado; If no es asa, serén rechazados. Apoyar a la Comisién Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) en la institucionalizacién y construccién de capacidades de esténdares y mejores precticas de regulacién en gobernanza social y ambiental, particularmente biodiversidad y cambio climéti, contributeyendo a la implementationaén de la solucién de financiamiento de biodiversidad de la Iniciativa BIOFIN México: “Enverdeciendo el sector financiero.” LBN/CO/RFQ/131 Supply and installation of LED lights in Ablah . Construction of the Court of Justice, Southern Section of the Port-au-Prince jurisdiction Give the public and stakeholders the opportunity to give their views on the results of the environmental report and use it as a reference point for the plan opinion and to gather more information on observations and concerns regarding the public preparation of flood protection measures in the city of Lagodekhi, Village Pirveli Maisi and Town Kobuleti Supply and Implementation of A New Financial Management Information System (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) for the Ministry of Health of Indonesia Directorate of Prevention and Disease Control- Global Fund Programme Management Unit .

Proceso Nr. LTA 00087688/022-2019: Contratacién de Smarnet y Asistencia Técnica para las Redes IP MPLS y DWDM de Hondutel. Progetto n. 2 – SMATEC – Sviluppo di nuove famiglie di compressori, tecnologie dei materiali e produzione [cod. F/04008/00/X31] Purchase of laptops, routers, printers, CCTV, etc. point 2. Mesas de apoyo de cabecera con alimentacion de pacientes LBN/CO/ITB/174/19 Completion of Mina Corniche- phase 3 rehabilitation work; Providing services and expertise for the realization of PICDEC operations in the Jericho agro-industrial park (JAIP) Con las siguientes coordenadas podré ingresar a la plataforma: . purchasing biometric citizen registration kits, software and related services for citizen registration procedures in Honduras Services for the development of guidelines, brochures and farm management manuals to improve farmers` efficiency in managing agriculture and water.