Hkex Market Data Agreement

The provision of HKEX data means that TNSXpress` market data now covers most of the world`s largest markets and stock exchanges. In addition to the agreements with HKEX, TNS made a number of other strategic investments last year, including the development of dark fibre infrastructure in the United States. TNS is also committed to expanding its global network and providing innovative new services, such as. B the connectivity of ultra-low latency connections, which uses a simple architecture of simple hop (Layer 1) to provide connectivity in only 5 to 85 nanoseconds. TNS customers now have access to more than 60 global exchanges in major markets, including Hong Kong TNS, and exchange-authored clients can access HKEX derivatives and securities market data through a shared hosting service. It is also a comprehensive hedge for market data from major equity and derivatives exchanges in North America and Europe. “TNS`s expansion into Hong Kong is further evidence of how easily, quickly and with lower overall operating costs to the world`s major financial centres and exchanges,” said Mezger. “For companies that need access to Hong Kong and mainland China, TNS offers a comprehensive managed hosting solution, and while this is our first outpost in Asia, we expect future expansions to other Asian markets.” Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a leading global provider of data communication and interoperability solutions. TNS offers a wide range of innovative value-added networks and services and is committed to providing world`s most prestigious companies with world-class first-class services and leading payment, financial services and telecommunications solutions. TNS can now provide real-time market data from Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) TNS, which currently connects more than 2,800 financial community arrival points worldwide.

TNS offers a range of connectivity, hosting, cloud, hub, VPN and other solutions specifically tailored to the needs of financial market players around the world. In 2020, TNS celebrates its 30th anniversary as a global supplier of global companies in critical sectors. RESTON, Va.– (BUSINESS WIRE) -Transaction Network Services (TNS) can now provide real-time market data from hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX). This step gives TNS customers access to the market data systems of the 9th 9th and 14th largest derivatives exchanges in the world. “Hong Kong is one of the world`s leading financial centres and HKEX is an important global gateway for business and market data in Asia,” said Jeff Mezger, Director of Product Management for Financial Services at TNS. “HKEX is the stock exchange of some of the world`s largest companies, offers deep liquid derivatives markets and is a stint on Chinese stock markets on the continent. With HKEX on the TNS network, customers around the world can merge their trading infrastructure with the stock exchange, use richer real-time market data, and access a large financial market through a single secure provider with local support. HKEX access is one of 60 TNS exchanges in the world`s largest financial markets and provides TNS clients with coverage of HKEX equities, commodities, fixed-rate securities and foreign exchange markets.