Bookkeeper Contract Agreement

It is recommended that you acquire the services of a licensed lawyer to verify the details of your contract to ensure that it contains all the legal requirements for the area in which you run your business. Here are some of the key points to address in the accounting contract: the accounting contract can help freelancers quickly detect a client`s intentions. The liberal professions here have the opportunity to demand clarification on aspects that are not clear. On the other hand, there is room to consult with professionals to identify false statements that may plunge the professions into problems in the future. In addition to defining services, this section of the accounting contract also contains information on rates for services. It legitimizes your assertion that the customer has agreed to pay a certain amount at a specified price for all the services you provide. Depending on the business model and the type of project, you can charge a flat-rate service fee, hourly rates or monthly retention. Small entrepreneurs avoid contracting because horror stories of companies that have signed a contract and have regretted it. The requirement of a contract can jeopardize the agreement by jeopardizing the potential customer relationship. However, a service contract first formalizes your verbal agreement with the customer, which can also be obtained with an engagement letter. They must keep complete records of all financial transactions made under the accounting agreement. These records are verified by the client and the government. You can use intellectual property in the form of tools and models developed through years of service.

Just because a customer uses your services doesn`t mean they own your intellectual property. Therefore, you must include a protection clause for your IP in the accounting service contract. Travel and other expenses, if the customer agrees to reimburse them, should be part of this agreement. These include airfare, taxi fare, food and accommodation. What is excluded from the customer must also be indicated. Therefore, all parties to this contract, taking into account the terms of this accounting agreement, whose receipt, understanding and authorization are duly confirmed by the electronic signature of both parties, agree: The purpose for which the client uses your services must be mentioned in the accounting agreement.